Marist College Ashgrove provides an Early Payment program for suppliers. The program helps to improve the cash flow of suppliers by accelerating payment of invoices from within approximately 2 business days, in exchange for a small early payment discount.

About the Program

The program is a solution that optimises supplier’s cash flow by allowing early payment of all Marist College Ashgrove approved invoices, in exchange for a small early payment discount. It is free to join the program and there are no costs other than the pre-agreed early payment discount option you select. Our solution improves your cash flow and reduces working capital requirements, allowing you to reinvest in your business.

Program Benefits

  • Free to join: There are no set-up/administration fees or ongoing charges. The only cost should you choose to be paid early is a small % of the value of the invoice.
  • Easy to join: Receive payment from within approximately 2 business days. Early payment through the program frees up your existing credit lines, ensures consistency of payments and accelerates payment of invoices.
  • Flexible: You can choose to be paid early on every invoice by opting in or simply when you need it.
  • Non-recourse: Reduces credit exposure by allowing you to get paid early. Since this is not a loan, it is not classified as a debt, therefore enhancing your balance sheet metrics.
  • Increased cash-flow: Early payment of your invoices improves your cash flow and reduces the need for other forms of financing or high cost of capital.
  • Improved balance sheet: By being paid early you reduce your debtors’ balance, improve working capital ratios and reduce liquidity risks. A strong balance sheet is helpful for reporting to your stakeholders.

Next Steps

To register your interest and take advantage of our early payment program, please click here