Boarding Family Engagement

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Families are to us, boarding is the backbone of the College.
Our Community
The Boys

The overwhelming spirit and tone of our residences is one of harmony and happiness. The opportunity to live, work and play with boarders from diverse backgrounds from all over Australia, and internationally, makes boarding a special experience. The genuine friendships forged as boarders continue well beyond graduation.

The Staff

The boarding staff comprises a rich blend of teachers, working professionals and university students. Approximately half the staff are day school teachers, including heads of faculty and senior subject leaders, who hold the residence coordinator and assistant coordinator positions. Typically, a team of 6-7 staff work in each residence providing both high staff to student supervision ratios as well as a diverse range of mentors for our boys to connect with.

College Family Events

In 2020, Marist will be introducing a new initiative at select college home sporting matches, we will have a Boarders Supporters tent available exclusively for our boarding families. This will be a great opportunity for boarding families to get together and get to know each other.

These dates will be advised once our Term 3 sports calendar is confirmed.

Boarding Parent Network Group

The Boarding Parent Network Group provides all families with a formal opportunity to contribute to the wellbeing and care of their sons.

These parents are a wonderful resource for those questions that you may want another parent’s opinion on. They also create opportunities for parents to get to know each other, as your boys journey through boarding together.

This group meets at the start of each term and is comprised of a parent representative from each year level, as well as an overseas parent and an indigenous parent representative. From the college, the Head of College, Head of Boarding and Assistant Head of Boarding attend this meeting. It is an open meeting with all boarding parents welcome to attend.


Open, informative and transparent is a striong feature or the boarding experience for our families. Parents are encouraged to stay in close contact with your son’s boarding coordinator. Every week the Boarding Bugle Newsletter is sent to all families providing a window into the happenings within the boarding school with a lot of photos and all the relevant news. We also encourage families to stay in touch by accessing:

  • Facebook:
  • MCA App / Boarding / Galleries: for updates and boarding photos
  • Update Emails from residence coordinators which feature the key messages boys are receiving as well as moments of acknowledgement and celebration. These updates are made available every few weeks
  • Virtual Parent Meetings are held on a needs basis

End of Term Transport

Marist College Ashgrove provides transfer services to our students at the end of each term to meet flight, train and bus services out of Brisbane. We also offer an end of term bus to Goondiwindi, stopping at Toowoomba, Dalby and Moonie.

This service extends to sisters of our boarders also in Brisbane at boarding school, who are very welcome to join the group.

Where do our boarders come from?

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