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We strive to ensure that boarding at Marist College Ashgrove is a safe, rewarding and socially satisfying experience where boys from a diverse range of backgrounds learn to live, play, work and pray together.

We offer an extensive selection of academic, pastoral care, sporting and recreation activities for our boys to keep active and engaged each term.

Care and commitment to each and every boy is a hallmark of the boarding experience at Marist College Ashgrove. All boys have the right to feel safe, the right to belong and the right to express their individuality. These are our primary responsibilities and that of each boy who chooses to board.

While we do offer flexible boarding options to suit our families, the majority of boys are full time boarders. This helps to create a consistent environment and a unique camaraderie amongst the boys.

Honest and open communication is valued. All families have formal opportunities to contribute to the wellbeing and care of their sons through the Boarding Parent Network Group.

Competitive fees, Generous Sibling Discount…Scholarships (AIEF, CYLP) International Students.

Tours of the boarding school are regularly conducted for prospective families. For more information, please contact the Enrolments Department on Ph: 07 3858 4507 or or to book a tour of our boarding facilities online.

Academic Support

A very strong emphasis is placed on establishing and maintaining study habits necessary for academic success.

Boarders benefit from:

1. Boarding residence support

  • The boarding school employs experienced tutors to work in every residence each school evening (Monday to Thursday). Tutors work with the boys one-on-one and in groups to accommodate student needs.
  • Academic tracking is carried out throughout the year, allowing support to be altered to best suit the needs of the student. This reporting is then available to update parents and guardians of their son’s progress.

2. Head of House and teachers

  • Day school teachers and Head of House are readily available to support our boarding students where ever possible.
  • Heads of House will work closely with the boys to monitor subject choice and academic performance, as well as be available as a sounding board for your boy and families for very important, ongoing pastoral care across their schooling years.
  • Teachers at Marist College Ashgrove understand the challenges faced by boarding families and therefore make themselves available to discuss your sons needs at a time and mode convenient to you.

3. Library and study support staff from the Centre for Learning Enrichment (CLE)

  • Our library staff offer a comprehensive academic study skills program, which all boarders participate in as part of their nightly study routine. The program is designed around the current curriculum and assessments that are in place, ensuring this support is very relevant and able to be tailored to their needs.
  • The Centre for Learning Enrichment (CLE) is open in the day school every morning before school to assist boys generally or with specific study needs.
Pastoral Support
Pastoral care is the ‘oil of learning’ Pastoral care is not the destination but the nourishment for the learning journey… (Mann 2006)

Research suggests that students with high levels of wellbeing are more likely to have higher academic achievement, better mental health, more resilience and more pro-social and responsible behaviours. Pastoral care involves promoting knowledge of self, self-efficacy, healthy risk taking, goal setting, negotiation, reflection and empowerment to provide optimal learning and development outcomes for each student.

Pastoral care is therefore defined as the commitment and dedication to the wellbeing of each student and to the broader school community. Student wellbeing is defined as a sustainable state of positive mood and attitude, resilience, and satisfaction with self, relationships and experiences at school. Therefore, MCA Boarding is committed to building an effective and collaborative wellbeing and pastoral care program that aims to:

  • Create a safe and positive environment for all
  • To provide strong and caring role models that mentor each boarder through their schooling to achieve personal excellence
  • Develop each boarders character and promote a strong sense of identity
  • Encourage independence, resilience, positive social skills, team-work and meaningful friendships
  • Develop self-esteem
  • Produce hard-working and good citizens who contribute to a sustainable society
  • Building young men who are strong in mind, gentle of heart and who demonstrate constancy in their faith

Our boarding pastoral and wellbeing program encompasses a specific plan each term with concrete activities and events that help to develop a defined theme across the entire boarding school unique to each age level residence. Each year as boarders transition to the next residence they build upon these themed experiences.

Recreation & Events
Boarders can participate in our varied Recreational Program

Activities include a wide variety of sporting, recreational, cultural and social opportunities. These can include beach trips, movies, ice skating, dances, river cruises, fishing and Laser Skirmish just to name a few.

The recreation programme also provides for practical pursuits that support our boarders in transition to the world beyond. Boarders can secure their boat license, obtain a scuba diving certification or join the technical crew who manage the operation of our state of the art theatrette.

The programme also encourages boys to become familiar with the city of Brisbane and what it has to offer. Being a boarding school only eight kilometres from the heart of the city allows boys to develop a passion for culture and the arts. Numerous outings to the theatre, museum and major city events such as “River Fire” are well received by the boys. Marist Ashgrove boarders through a structured programme applicable to each age group, become aware of the city they live in and are become fully engaged with its travel network and operation.

The recreation programme involves socials and outings with various girls boarding schools. The costs associated with recreation are carefully monitored and a series of no cost activities are always incorporated. The great plus about our recreation programme is its flexibility and the openness for ideas. Parents and boarders alike are encouraged to communicate with the Recreation Officer to comment or make suggestions about other activities they would like offered.

The College’s extensive sporting facilities are also available for use outside of school hours. These include an Olympic Swimming pool, 6 all weather tennis courts and two indoor basketball courts. Boarders can also access the weights rooms which is managed and operated through the highly successful Acceleration Australia organization.

Marist Boarders don’t have far to go to make use of the numerous ovals and cricket nets. The extensive bushland property and sweeping lawns give boarders space to relax and retreat from the demands of a busy day school. Boarders can also choose to spend time in numerous modern recreation rooms that are provided with DVD players, table tennis tables and billiard tables for each year level residence.

Boarders are also welcome to join the College’s comprehensive extra-curricular program which includes a wide range of activities in sporting, musical, dramatic and academic areas. Whilst Marist College Ashgrove performs well at the highest levels of sport, it is the breadth of our sporting programme that makes the College unique.

Often boarders wish to pursue a sport or activity outside of the College and in most cases these individual requests are supported. Boys have taken on the challenge of rodeo, golf, field hockey, judo, sailing, polocrosse, rugby league and a variety of other activities. Families are encouraged to discuss any such outside sport requests with the Head of Boarding. Phone: 07 3858 4640 or email:

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