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Marist College Ashgrove is a single campus school, with academic and sporting facilities located together on Frasers Road, Ashgrove. Click here to view the campus map.

Bus arrivals and departures occur via the bus stop inside the College (No. 43 on the map) or the bus stop on Grevillea Road (No. 53 on the map). You can check which public transport services stop near Marist College Ashgrove via the Translink Journey Planner, enter your address in the ‘from’ field and ‘Marist College Ashgrove’ in the ‘to’ field to explore options or on the Brisbane Bus Lines website.

In addition to the Translink and Brisbane Bus Line Services, the College also has a contracted charter bus service.

Bus Routes

The College currently operates 2 daily services in the morning and afternoon. The interactive maps linked below allow you to zoom in and out to see the exact location of stops. They list each stop down the left hand side.

  • MCA – Route 1 – Bunya / Ferny Hills / Ferny Grove / Arana Hills / Everton Hills / Everton Park / Mitchelton / Gaythorne.
    Click to open the map for MCA 1 AM
    Click to open the map for MCA 1 PM
  • MCA – Route 2 – Bridgeman Downs / McDowall / Stafford Heights / Stafford / Gordon Park / Lutwyche / Grange / Wilston / Newmarket.
    Click to open the map for MCA 2 AM
    Click to open the map for MCA 2 PM

Changes to MCA 2 from Monday, 21 August 2023

Current StopsAM*
Current Timing
Stops from 21 AugustAM*
Timing from 21 August
Beckett Rd, Bridgeman Downs7.15Beckett Rd, Bridgeman Downs7.15
Beckett Rd at Casuarina7.19Beckett Rd at Casuarina7.19
Beckett Rd at Paramount Chase
(new stop)
Beckett Rd at McDowall North near Savalas St7.23Beckett Rd at McDowall North near Savalas St7.23
Rode Rd at Trouts Rd7.27Rode Rd near Cilento St, stop 44A
(replaces Rode Rd at Trouts Rd stop)
Appleby Rd at Kitchener Rd, stop 397.30Appleby Rd at Kitchener Rd, stop 397.30
Webster Rd at Wilgarning St7.35Webster Rd at Wilgarning St7.35
Richmond St at Lennox St, stop 267.43Lutwyche Rd at Lutwyche, stop 20
(replaces Richmond St at Lennox St stop)
Maygar St at Anderson St, stop 217.50Maygar St at Anderson St, stop 217.50
Days Rd at Carrol Cr, stop 25A7.51Days Rd at Carrol Cr, stop 25A7.51
Thomas St at Grange near Carberry St7.55Thomas St at Grange near Carberry St7.55
Wilston Rd at Newmarket Station, stop 168.00Wilston Rd at Newmarket Station, stop 168.00
Ashgrove Ave near Caravan Park, stop 208.05Ashgrove Ave near Caravan Park, stop 208.05
Marist College AshgroveMarist College Ashgrove

*PM timing can vary depending on traffic. The bus is scheduled to depart the College at 3.30pm.

About our bus services

The timetables of the Marist College Ashgrove service are approximate and dependent on traffic conditions. Students should ensure that they are at bus stops a minimum of 5 minutes before the scheduled departure times.

Ashgrove’s services provide:

  • Pick-up and drop-off at the College bus stop (No. 43 on the map)
  • Fixed timetable and routes enabling families to plan their week
  • Morning and Afternoon bus service
  • Fully air-conditioned modern buses with the latest technology, GPS tracking and seat belts
  • A regular driver
  • No need for a bus card, payment is via the College’s Student Card

Service Cost

The Marist College Ashgrove bus service will cost $3.00 per trip. This is a cashless service and will only accept payment by student ID via the Monitor System. All travel will be billed in arrears, early in the week following travel; please ensure sufficient funds are available for this charge each week.

Parents / Guardians can deposit funds from a credit card via the MyMonitor system, in the same way that tuckshop funds are added. Your son/s’ account is attached to your MyMonitor parent profile. Simply log into the MyMonitor system, either via the parent portal or the direct link ( Your son’s name will be visible and you will need to deposit funds specifically to the bus line for bus travel. You can also use this login to view transactions and manage the account.

Students who travel the equivalent of 85% or more of school days (return trip) in a single term will receive a 15% credit on their ticket expenditure for that term. This credit will automatically be applied to the bus section of the MyMonitor account for future use, however if not required for future bus travel it is possible also to transfer the funds to any other area in MyMonitor.

GPS Bus Tracking

The Transport Me app is an electronic passenger management system, similar to Translink’s Go Card system. It allows you to set a stop as your favourite track the bus in real time and receive a free push notification letting you know if it is on time or has been delayed. The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play by searching for “Transport Me”.

For further details on how to use the app please click here.

Can my son use the service?

Yes! There are currently no capacity issues on our bus services.

Use of the service is deemed as acceptance of the College Bus Policy.

What if my son forgets his ID or it doesn’t work?

This is a cashless service and your son’s ID is required to use the service.

We understand that, on occasion, your son may not have his ID or the technology may experience an issue. Should this happen, your son can still use the service as there is a manual process in place to capture this use and charge a fare accordingly.

Please note, if a student doesn’t produce their ID repeatedly, parents will be notified.

Suggest a Stop

Changes to bus routes and stop changes/additions can be suggested via email to

The College makes every effort to accommodate bus route and stop requests. However, changes are not always possible due to impacts on other routes/services and/or total journey time. Bus routes and stops are reviewed bi-annually in May and December each year.

Further Information

For further information please contact the College on phone 07 3858 4555 or email