The Foundation is the means through which a College like ours can provide for the future needs of our students. Ongoing support by parents is crucial to the development of infrastructure at the College, ensuring that students are offered the best learning opportunities in first class facilities.

It is the lifeblood for development at the College and your tax-deductible contributions provide an essential income stream to enable us to progress. It is also the mechanism which helps, wherever possible, to keep increases in school fees to a minimum. We help provide state-of-the-art facilities to better the learning experiences of all students. However, we do need everyone’s support to manage these exceptional facilities.

Contributions to the College Foundation assist in the continuance of the building facilities which include the:

  • Molly and Len Draney Theatre
  • Music and Drama Centre
  • Brother Alexis Turton Science Centre
  • Hospitality Kitchen
  • Centre for Learning Enrichment and Careers Information Centre
  • Swimming Pool and Water Sports Complex

Contributing to the College Foundation Building Fund has been a tradition for Marist families for generations. A tradition that must continue to ensure the College Campus, and the tremendous facilities your son will have access to, continue to be developed. Without the support of the current parent body this is simply not possible.

The expectation of the College is for each family to support the Foundation with a minimum contribution via a Pledge, normally $300.00 per quarter. Please consider this amount as a guide and if you feel you are able to contribute more, it would be greatly appreciated.

For more information, please contact the Foundation Manager by email or phone 07 3858 4584.