More structure. More mateship. More opportunities.

Marist Extend is an exciting new program launching in 2023 – unique to Marist College Ashgrove – that has been designed for boys in Year 7 who wish to extend themselves further.

Catering to boys who are ambitious and who want more focus on their academic studies and co-curricular pursuits, Marist Extend runs from 3pm to 8pm Monday to Thursday and includes academic support, meals and activities. The program is part of our boarding offering and is managed by our dedicated Boarding team, all of whom are qualified and experienced in care and guidance of our boys.

Marist Extend is designed to ‘extend’ a boy’s day and provide him with more structure so that he can achieve more. With Marist Extend your son will enjoy a richer experience in his schooling journey whilst also achieving a greater connection to his study, his peers and Marist College Ashgrove.

Marist Extend encompasses meals with our Boarding students, student choice of co-curricular activities and dedicated academic support to help Year 7 boys gain more traction in their studies. The program provides busy parents with peace of mind that their son is being challenged and guided within the Marist spirit. It is also a great opportunity for new Year 7 students at Marist to participate in more activities, make more friends and receive more guidance in their first year of Secondary School.

Marist Extend will help boys to develop good routines, good study habits and a sense of independence, all within the safety of the Marist Boarding House. It is ideal for students who would benefit from structure and guidance in their academic studies with academic staff on hand to support them in dedicated study sessions.

When parents pick up their son at 8.00pm he will have done his co-curricular activity, had a shower, eaten dinner and attended to his homework.

The daily fee for the program is $70. This includes meals, a supervised study session and allows the boys to continue to participate in co-curricular activity.

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Marist Extend is a very special opportunity and will be offered on an application only basis.

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