At Marist College Ashgrove, we are proud of the dedicated educators, Brothers and lay people who work with parents to help grow boys into young men. Since 1940, when the College was founded by the Marist Brothers, as a day and boarding school, our community has sought to build young men who, like St Marcellin Champagnat are “good Christians and good people” equipped with faith, generosity and a willingness to make Jesus known and loved.

St Marcellin was characterised as a man who possessed a strong mind and a gentle heart. He displayed compassion towards young people and sought to inspire hope in a troubled world. Today, these qualities of compassion and leadership are equally as important and at Marist College Ashgrove we understand that we are shaping the lives of the young men in our care, seeking to create compassionate and capable leaders of the future.

At Marist, we associate ourselves, in all that we do, with Mary so as to bring Jesus to life in the hearts of young people: “All to Jesus through Mary. All to Mary for Jesus”. We challenge young men to live lives where Marist values are lived not just spoken. We believe that the holistic educational environment offered to the students of Marist College Ashgrove is more than just a classroom experience. We strive to meet the needs of all our students and their families by creating an environment that inspires spiritual, academic, cultural and sporting excellence.

At Marist College Ashgrove, we recognise the difficult decisions parents need to make regarding to whom they entrust with the important responsibility of nurturing, growing, protecting and educating their sons. One of the best ways for parents to choose the next step in the educational journey for their boys is to experience the spiritual and learning environments and the energy within a school. It is in this spirit that we invite you to come and see what makes our College so special and to join me on a tour of our wonderful campus. You will see first-hand how we strive to work with parents and the community to build confident and capable young men of strong character with gentle hearts and with a willingness to make a positive contribution in our church and our world.


Michael Newman
Head of College