New Head of Students

Peter's aim is to be able to make a positive contribution to the strong Marist Charism.

This term we welcomed our new Head of Students, Mr Peter Serone.

Peter was privileged to be educated by the Marist Brothers in Sydney – Champagnat College (Marist Brothers Pagewood) and began his teaching career at the same school. His professional teaching and educational training were completed through the Australian Catholic University system with his main teaching area being Health/Physical Education and Religious Education.

He comes to Marist College having held a similar position in his previous school, giving him an awareness of the complexities surrounding family life in our modern world. Peter has a firm belief that the building of positive relationships is the foundation for inspiring students, in order for them to develop a growth mindset. At times, when mistakes are made discipline and consequences form part of this growth, learning from our mistakes and taking on the challenge of improvement.

Peter's aim is to be able to make a positive contribution to the strong Marist Charism that exists at Ashgrove and to work with the boys in maintaining a high standard of expectation for all students – in the way they speak, act and present themselves to their College and the wider community.

We asked Peter his thoughts after his first week at Ashgrove "At the end of my first week at the College, I have been particularly impressed by the sense of belonging and connectedness to the College expressed by the students and staff. In conversations with the students, I have found them to be friendly, respectful with good manners. These characteristics start at home. Education is a process between the College, the student and parents/guardians. I look forward to building positive relationships with all three, giving all of us the greatest opportunity of creating healthy, balanced and community-minded young men".

We welcome Peter to the Ashgrove community.