The journey towards self-directed learners

When boys begin at Marist College Ashgrove they begin a journey towards being self-directed learners where each student, as the individual that they are, are challenged to achieve their personal best.  Like any significant journey, this one is well planned, with a predetermined structure that allows for detours to cater for personal interest and is broken into parts.

Our Year 5 and 6 boys enjoy a breadth of subject offerings which give exposure to all areas of the curriculum and they operate within an inquiry base, giving them the opportunity to ask and answer their own questions.

Boys in Years 7 to 9, continue to exercise their inquiry framework and begin to work with greater collaboration with all platforms and people who can help them on their journey.  Their subject enrolments will begin to narrow as they progress through middle school and discover those subjects that hold particular interest for them.

Moving into our senior years, boys begin to operate in a mastery model of education where they bring inquiry and collaboration pedagogies together and become masters of our learning framework.  At this point, they have discovered and use to their advantage, how they ‘learn to know, learn to do, learn to be and learn to live together’.