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Term 3 has seen a range of events, excursions and exhibitions in the Visual Art Department. Creative Industries Week took place in Week 7, where the Visual Art, Drama, Music and Film and Television Departments joined forces in a celebration of the Arts at Marist College Ashgrove. The week commenced with a live mural session by urban artist, Sarah Sculley, who stayed on to work with Year 12 Visual Arts in Practice students to develop a number of murals around the Arts precinct of the College. The week also saw various hands-on practical workshops within each department, musical performances, guest artist talks, an exhibition of work by students of Art and Design in the Draney Theatre foyer and Year 9 students visited the Gallery of Modern Art. Following Creative Industries week, student work from Year 5 – 12 was on display as part of the annual Tower Art Show.

The Art classrooms have been a flurry of activity as students have been applying finishing touches to artworks for end of semester assessment. Year 7 students have been creating Pop Art-inspired ceramic cars, Year 8 students have been involved in a unit based on nature which has included linoprinting, drawing and photography and Year 9 students have been developing paintings based on still-life imagery.

We congratulate the recipients of Artwork of the Month for the past three months. The April winner is Year 12 student, Mat Malghem for his detailed pen and ink drawing for the unit, “Artist as Traveller and Collector”. For May, there was a three way split between Year 10 students, Dylan Turner, Angel Butten and Ben Roachock for their acrylic paintings on canvas based on the ‘scape and June’s recipient is Year 7 student Alex Duff for his ceramic art car.