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Headmaster's Notes

External Tutoring

Could all parents please be aware that if you engage the services of an external tutor and intend that tutoring to take place here at the College:

The College requires that you contact the Headmaster and seek permission for this to occur by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Farewell and Thank you

The end of term brings with it some changes to staffing. The following staff are concluding a contract at the end of the term and will leave us:

  • Mr Corey Lucas
  • Ms Lauren Beech
  • Mr Josh Filipetto
  • Ms Lucy Norton
  • Mr Chris Skinner

Please join with me in thanking Corey, Lauren, Josh, Lucy and Chris and wish them every success in the future.

Also, the following staff will return to their roles after completing an Acting position of responsibility:

  • Mr Brett Gillett (Acting Head of Students)
  • Mr Adam Knight (Acting Head of Gilroy House)
  • Mr Scott Minogue (Acting Head of English)

Sincere thanks to Brett and Adam for fulfilling these roles for the semester and to Scott for the last four weeks.

We say farewell to three members of staff who have served the College with distinction.

Fr Chris Ketsore has been Chaplain here at the College for three years. He has been a wonderful Chaplain to us all and very giving of his time for the good of the boys in all he has done. Fr is returning to PNG.

Mrs Cathy Bromley retires from the fees office after commencing work here in the canteen in 2004. Cathy has been a very committed member of staff who always exudes grace and dignity.

Mr James Metzeling leaves us after 17 years, the last five and a half years as Head of Boarding. James has been a totally committed member of staff in all aspects of College life. He has organised three successful cricket tours to the UK, one to Sri Lanka and has coached many sporting teams. However, his commitment to the boys of the boarding school has been significant and unwavering.

James leaves us to take up the position of Deputy Principal at Red Bend Catholic College, Forbes NSW.

We offer our sincere thanks to Fr Chris, Cathy and James and offer them our gratitude and prayers.


Term 3

The first day of Term 3 for boys is Tuesday, July 16. All boys are reminded to attend to grooming, uniform, manners and punctuality requirements. The Semester One reports will give boys the opportunity to set goals in order to achieve/maintain a personal best.


Old Boy Ordination to the Priesthood

Our prayers and good wishes to Old Boy Tom Duncan (2011), a boarder from Miles who will be ordained into the Priesthood at St Patricks Cathedral Toowoomba on July 18.