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College Newsletter

From the Headmaster


Dear Members of the Marist College Ashgrove Family,

The first semester draws to a close on Friday 28 June.  For the boys, it finishes today.  I’m sure they are well and truly in holiday mode.  It has been a different semester, to say the least.  I say this with reference to Influenza A which has hit us hard, peaking on June 12 with 420 boys and 25 staff absent!  Not to mention the many that soldiered on despite the obvious need to stay home!

That said, reports will be issued tomorrow.  The results are a time hopefully for reflection for the boys:

  1. Am I happy with this result?
  2. How would I rate my effort for semester one out of ten?
  3. What do I need to consider improving next term?
  4. Do I really know what my PB (personal best) is?
  5. How can I aim high and not be content with mediocrity?

In his book, Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart, author Gordon Livingston wrote about the fact there is nothing more pointless, or common, than doing the same things and expecting different results.  That certainly relates to questions 3, 4 & 5 above!  Livingston wrote, “Mistakes are a consequence of being human and constitute an essential element of trial and error learning.  Some errors are more consequential than others; few are irredeemable.  What is frustrating is the experience of making the same mistake repeatedly.”

My prayer is that boys who are genuinely disappointed with their results from an effort perspective, ensure that they don’t repeat the dose next semester.

How does one achieve this?

  1. Ask for help!  Teachers, Head of House;
  2. Seek out assistance from the CLE.  A few years ago we had a boy that was a regular at the CLE ensuring his work was a PB.  His result was commensurate with his ability – an OP1.
  3. Utilise the Resource Centre (the Library).  The assignment help pages generated by the staff there are brilliant in assisting boys to find their way to a PB.  Not to mention the extended opening hours.
  4. Stay healthy.  Eat well. Get plenty of sleep. Exercise in the fresh air.  Less game time on devices!

Livingston said it so well when he wrote, “Encouraging people to change is an exercise in shared hope.”

St Marcellin was devout in his belief of God’s presence in his life.  The book of Marist Spirituality, Water from The Rock states:

Shared faith enables us to see beyond problems and differences.  Community is a gift of the Spirit.  To nurture this life in the Spirit, and to encourage and support each other, we endeavour to make our communities schools of faith for ourselves, for young people and for all who hunger for God.  Our experience of God becomes bread to be shared.

Please note the phrase “to encourage and support each other.”  That’s what we need to do as Marists.  Champagnat truly believed that Mary would lead him to her beloved Son, Jesus.

Let’s pray our boys can produce their personal best in all they do next semester.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and St Marcellin,

Peter McLoughlin