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In Week 5, all Year 11 and 12 Visual Art students took part in an excursion where they had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a full day of art. The first half of the day was spent visiting a number of art galleries, where students made a selection of artworks for the purpose of informing their Appraising task. They visited an exhibition entitled, “Boundary Lines” at Griffith Art Museum, the “Asia Pacific Triennial” at Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art and also a photographic exhibition, “Home – A Suburban Obsession” at the State Library of Queensland which also included a virtual reality exhibit in which students travelled back in time to become part of a suburban scape of the 1960s. In the afternoon, they had time to gather some inspiration, ideas, and photographs from the local surrounds at the foreshore at South Bank in order to develop imagery for their practical folios.

Year 11 students have been developing artworks over the past few weeks in their first unit of work, “Art as Lens”, from the new senior syllabus.  They have learnt about the technique of eco-dyeing which involves the use of natural materials to stain and colour the surface of paper. After making bundles of paper in which materials such leaves, flowers, seedpods and bark were placed, these were boiled over a hotplate in a broth made from green tea, red cabbage leaves, vinegar, onion skins, eucalyptus leaves and sticks for over an hour. Whilst the smell coming from the cast iron pot was somewhat unpleasant, the results have been very effective. Students are using these to further develop artworks through the addition of embossing, stitching, photography and collage.

Christine Larsen
Curriculum Leader Visual Art