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Mission News



Welcome to the start of a new year in which we are challenged to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in word and deed. 

Students and families are warmly invited to the Inaugural Mass of 2019 to dedicate our College community to the year’s work as a faith community. To be held in the Champagnat Centre on Thursday evening, 21 February at 7:00pm. We are honoured to have Bishop Ken Howell as the Chief Celebrant. At this Mass our Year 12 students and leaders will be commissioned for the year, and our Year 5 students will be further welcomed into our community. Students attending will be required to wear full uniform.

Students should be setting goals for their involvement in the Ministry program and are welcome to sign up for MATES.  Ministry will begin in Week 3 of the term. Likewise, students can enrol in the St Vincent De Paul student conference from the second week of the term. Meetings are held in Room 801 first break on Tuesday’s.

In Marist Life this year has a focus on “Holy Today”. Mass in the College Chapel each Wednesday at 8:05am provides a perfect opportunity for students and family members to actively seek ways of Holiness.  



Staff in the Mission Team for 2019 include our Head of Mission Mr Luke McMahon. College Chaplain Fr Chris Ketsore sm, Campus Ministers Mrs Mena McLean and part-time, Mr Phil Tonkin, Head of Religious Education Mr Paul Mitchell and in the Mission Office, Administrative Officers, Mrs Rachel Rainbird (Mission and Religious Education) and Mrs Liz Spry (Ministry and MATES). The task of the Mission Team is to animate prayer and liturgy across the College, to provide opportunities for faith formation through Christian service and solidarity experiences, and to lead students to know and learn about what it is to be Christian, Catholic and Marist.

Our prayer for 2019 asks God to be with each of us as we journey together.



Go with us into our new year, O God.

Take all that we offer and add to that your gifts.

Breathe into our work your energy, truth and courage, that we may be faithful, humble people who are truly gracious to all with whom we work and committed to the vision of life with which you call us
forward. Amen.



A very warm welcome to MATES! Marists are taking everyone seriously.

The MATES program has at its heart a desire to bring the young men of the College into contact with many of the justice areas of our community—both locally and globally.

Our young men will be challenged by this programs and, as already experienced, rise to meet these challenges.

The dream for MATES is that out of a true sense of brotherhood, our students, both present, and, in time, past, would increasingly be asking questions about WHY and HOW they can live an authentic Christian life, offering comfort, support and practical assistance to all those they encounter whatever the circumstances.

2019 promises to be another very busy and rewarding time for all of us as we continue our commitment to the various service programs that Marist College Ashgrove offers to all secondary students and families.

We would like to especially thank all of the students and families who contributed to the Wednesday BBQs with the homeless over the Christmas Holidays. This wonderful ministry can only occur because of the generosity of so many of our Marist families.

We are currently liaising with the various schools and organisations to arrange suitable times for our visits. Once details have been confirmed, they will be published in the upcoming newsletters.



In January, prior to the commencement of the new school year the College Captains of Ashgrove were able to gather and meet the other School Captains from other Marist school in Queensland and Northern New South Wales at the 2019 Marist Student Leaders gathering. This was an opportunity to explore leadership in the Marist way using the five characteristics of Marist life. We thank our student leaders for giving up the Australia Day weekend to participate fully in this activity.