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For us, as Marists, Jesus is the human face of God. In a privileged way, we encounter him in the three special Marist places, where Jesus reveals God to us. 
At the Crib, we find the innocence, simplicity, gentleness and even weakness of a God who is capable of touching the hardest of hearts. ...There is no room for fear of a God who became a child.
At the foot of the Cross, we are in awe of a God who loves us without reserve. We find a God who shares the physical and psychological suffering, betrayal, abandonment and violence experienced by humanity and transforms these experiences. 
At the Altar, the Eucharist, we find a privileged place to enter into communion with the Body of Christ: to stand as one with all who are members and to deepen our relationship with the living presence of Jesus in our lives. (Extract from Water from the Rock. Marist Spirituality)
This Christmas time let us remember and enter the simple, unique and beautiful meeting place of the crib. The God of simplicity, gentleness, wonder and awe that invites us to a rich and full life of love in Him.

Many thanks to all members of the Marist Community who have contributed to the Mission work of the College in this 2018 year. The energy and patience of the staff, students and families have enabled the MATES program and the many other activities to remain a faith-filled focus of service. 
We look forward to a new year full of the joy the infant Jesus can bring to each of us. Christmas blessings and peace. 



A heartfelt thank you to our students, parents, pastoral care group teachers, library staff, administration staff and for the personal donations and generous support of and for the St Vincent de Paul & Marist College Ashgrove Christmas Hamper Appeal for 2018.  Your donations will help bring joy and hope to 79 families in our local and in the Downs and West areas this year. Classroom 801 looked like Santa’s workshop covered in wall to wall bags filled Christmas cheer.



Please keep in your prayers the students and staff heading to Cambodia Thursday 29 November until Wednesday 12 December as representatives of this College Community on a solidarity immersion. 
The experience will be a different one this year as the Marist world mourn the loss of Br Terence Heinrich whose compassion and vision saw the establishment of the Lavalla School in Phnom Penh. 
Our best wishes and prayers to our Immersion group and to the Community at Lavalla.




Friday 16 November

Blessing from the Graduation Mass:
Gracious God,
As they end this part of their lives, we ask your blessing on the young men graduating from Marist College Ashgrove. 

Give them your protection and blessing.  May the efforts that have been made to set them on the right course lead to a bright and fruitful future.  When they confront difficulties may they find the inner strength to overcome them.  When they face failure may they find the faith to accept the moment and start again.  When they find something worthwhile may they have the courage to make a commitment.  Grant them the best desires of their hearts and make them a sign of hope to all.  We ask this with all our heart and in your name. Amen.