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Headmaster's Notes



Please join with me in recognising and thanking the following staff most sincerely for their contributions at the College.  Further votes of thanks will appear in the 2018 Blue and Gold Magazine:

            Mr Trevor Goodwin
            Mrs Veronica Grant
            Mr Peter Moore
            Mr Matthew Poole
            Ms Liana Baillie
            Mrs Betty-Anne Briggs
            Mrs Rachel Walsh
            Mr Richard Boles

And staff concluding contracts:

            Ms Maddison Bartle
            Ms Jessica King
            Mr Ben Hyson
            Ms Lauren Blake
            Ms Eimear Naughton
            Ms Samara Marinelli
            Ms Kimberley Deihm
            Ms Jacqui Medina
            Mr Troy Williams

We wish all these members of staff every success for the future.



Yet again the event was just amazing.  The boys loved it as did the parents and the staff.  My sincere thanks to the many staff who contributed much to the success of the graduation activities. 



Our College family has been stunned by the sad news of the passing of Br Terence Heinrich, Headmaster 1991 – 1996.  Br Terence will always be remembered for his passion for making Jesus known and loved and creating the Salla Lavalla School in Cambodia.  To many of us, Br Terry is a saint but best described in Water from The Rock. 

At the heart of Marist spirituality coming from Marcellin and the first Brothers is humility.  It expresses itself in simplicity of behaviour, most especially in our way of relating to God and to others.  We strive to be persons of integrity – truthful, open-hearted and transparent in our relationships. 

I will always cherish a congratulatory email I received from Br Terence when it was announced I was coming to Ashgrove as the first lay Headmaster.  He was always very genuine in his affirmation. The most gifted orator I have heard and his legacy for the House system will be a constant reminder of his care “for the good of the boys” Rest in Peace.