How Will My Child Know How to use the Marist Learning Portal?

All Year 5 and Year 6 students have practised with their classroom teachers on how to access the Marist Learning Portal.

What Will Online Lessons Look Like?

There will be more emphasis on the range of digital platforms available to ensure learning is not disrupted. This may involve PowerPoints with voice-overs, recording of presentations, online quizzes, and other online resources. Teachers will not be interacting with students in a ‘live’ capacity during all of the learning time but will check student progress on a regular basis. Teachers may also set
project-based learning, depending on the age of the students.

How Will My Child’s Work Be Marked?

Where possible teachers will mark work electronically. There will be opportunities for them to provide feedback via the Marist Learning Portal. Parents should check their son’s learning progress on a regular

What are the Expectations During the School Day?

Owing to the nature of home learning, the school day will be a condensed experience, providing flexibility to complete tasks, with the understanding that teachers are contactable between 8.50 am and 3.10 pm.

What Hard Copy Materials Will be Sent Home?

All Primary students have at least one exercise book which will be taken home in their school bag. This will ensure that the students have a means by which to record work which is set. Teachers may decide to send home other learning materials if required.

If my Son is at the College Completing Online Learning, What does this Look Like?

All primary students will be working in the senior library. They need to arrive at the library by 8.35 am. There will be no face-to-face teaching by the classroom teacher during the day. Primary children will
be supervised by School Officers and other Marist College Ashgrove staff.

Will Exams and Assignments Continue?

With the College moving to online learning from Friday 27 March, there will be no exams conducted effectively from that date. 

What Do I Do if my Teacher is Away?

During our period of online learning, there may be instances when your teacher may be away sick for a single or double lesson. You will be notified via your College email each morning if this impacts you.

Online work will still be available on the Marist Learning Portal, however, the teacher may not be available for an immediate response to the questions.

However, should your query be of an urgent nature, perhaps related to submission or restrictions, and cannot wait for the teachers return, contact may be made with the Head of House.

Do I Have to do Classwork and Homework?

  • Yes – even from home, learning and related schoolwork will continue.
  • You will be guided by your teachers as to what work is required, and the time frames to do so.

Can I Contact my Teachers Outside of the Usual Lesson Times?

    If you need to contact your teacher outside of the usual lesson time, you can do so by emailing them.

What Will Happen in Subjects that have Practical Components Such as HPE, Visual Art, Drama, Hospitality?

  • Your teacher will adjust the course so that online learning can continue.
  • The College is aware that some practical tasks will not be possible with online learning, and your teachers will prepare alternative activities from other aspects of their subject area.

I Usually Get Extra Help with my Learning. How Will I be Helped During Online Learning?

  • Your teacher will send you support materials and any amended tasks that you would normally receive at school.
  • If you receive other types of support, the staff who work with you in that area will assist you through systems such as the Marist Learning Portal or email as best they can in an online situation.
  • If you have any concerns about your progress with the online work during a closure, you must let your teacher know.

What are My Online Learning Expectations?

  • Be dressed appropriately as you would for a Free Dress day.