Application for Enrolment – International Students

Overseas students applying for enrolment at Marist College Ashgrove are advised to consider the following key issues:

  1. The Catholic nature of the education at Marist College Ashgrove – Our College expresses its faith dimension in a well-structured religious studies and active liturgical program, retreats, camps, prayers, sacramental programmes, social action and community development where faith and life are linked. For this to be effective the College relies on the support of parents, the primary educators of their sons, and works always in partnership with them. The Marist tradition takes Mary the Mother of God as a model of discipleship and St Marcellin as a fine example of the living out of the spirit of Jesus and Mary in a practical and concrete way.
  2. Curriculum/Co-curricular – The College has established a high academic profile in the community as well as providing support, where possible, for boys who are diverse learners. The expectation is that all boys will give of their very best and be fully involved in the College curriculum and co-curricular activities as well. Special emphasis is placed on involvement in sport, music, the arts and a wide range of other out-of-school activities.
  3. College Fees – All parents pay fees and need to be aware of the basic tuition and boarding fees, technology levy, College Building Fund and College Foundation Pledge. The College has always relied on the voluntary services of Marist Brothers, parents and students to keep the fees as low as they are. This tradition continues and needs your support.

Each family applying for a place needs to consider whether their son is able to cope emotionally, socially and educationally with the demands of school at his level of entry and whether the College can offer the appropriate support.

Please contact our Enrolments Department to request an International Student Enquiry Package in order to enrol your son at Marist College Ashgrove.

For all Enrolment Enquiries Contact

Enrolments Department- Marist College Ashgrove
PO Box 82
Ashgrove West QLD 4060 AUSTRALIA

T – +61 7 38584507