Fees Notice 2022 – Fee Schedule Australian Residents

Tuition Fees



YEARS 5 – 6
YEARS 7 – 10
YEARS 11 – 12

IT Infrastructure Levy



YEARS 5 – 6
YEARS 7 – 10
YEARS 11 – 12

Other Fees

Maintenance Levy

A compulsory Maintenance Levy of $600 per family per year is payable.  This levy contributes to the on-going maintenance of the College and is not a voluntary payment and therefore not tax deductible. It will be added to your school fee account for payment.



Boarding Fee




Student Laptop Program




PLEASE NOTE: Boarding fees are additional to Tuition Fee, Technology Levy, Laptop Warranty,  College Maintenance Levy and College Foundation Contributions.

All Inclusive Fee

Tuition fees at Marist College Ashgrove are “all inclusive”. This includes all standard excursions, retreats, camps, student insurance, College magazine, student testing and subject levies, AIC sporting events and music ensembles, which are part of the normal school program. Activities outside the all-inclusive fee would be additional tours,  co-curricular camps, immersions, private & small group music lessons, and Vocational Education and Training (VET) Course costs and levies. These activities will be billed separately for payment via the Monitor system. 

Vocational Education and Training Courses and Authority Registered Subjects

For those students in Years 10 – 12 studying VET Course or an Authority Registered Subject – Recreational Studies please refer to the 2022 Senior Subject Information Book for an estimate of the applicable annual charges.

Student Laptop Program – Laptop Warranty

In 2022 the College is introducing a Student Laptop program to students in Year 7 and Year 10.  A laptop warranty fee of $100 will therefore be applicable to these students and each subsequent year. Please refer to Student Laptop Agreement for details regarding the warranty, accidental damage and replacement terms.

Old Boys Life Membership

Applicable to Year 12 only, a one off fee of $160.00.

College Foundation Contribution (Tax-Deductible)

This contribution is $1,200 per family per year. This contribution is essential to maintain current repayments to the Performing and Visual Arts Centre, the Br Alexis Turton Science and Technology Centre and for future capital projects.  NB: Some families may be able to assist by offering greater amounts.




Administration Fee

The Administration Fee is $150 (incl. GST) per student and accompanies the Expression of Interest Form. This fee is non refundable.

Acceptance Fee – Non Refundable

An Acceptance Fee of $1000 is payable at the time of acceptance to secure a place. This is required after a Letter of Offer has been received by the Parents / Guardians. This is not deducted from future fee statements.

College Fee Policy

The College fees are determined each year by Marist Schools Australia Limited detailing tuition, boarding and other costs.  Please view the College Fee policy here.

Withdrawal of Student / Change of Status

When a student is to be withdrawn from the College, or if an enrolment is cancelled by the Parents / Guardians, you are required to give the Head of College one term’s notice, in writing, before the withdrawal or cancellation date. However, if a withdrawal is to be effective at the end of the College year, written notice must be given by the end of Term 3. Parents / Guardians who do not give such a period of notice will be liable to pay the College an amount equal to one term’s fees in lieu of such notice.


A discount of 2.0% applies on Tuition Fees only if payment has been paid in full by the end of February each year.

Day Students:
 For two (2) students this is 10% of each student’s tuition fee per annum. For three (3) students this is 20% of each student’s tuition fee per annum. For  four (4) students this is 30% of each student’s tuition. Any additional students after 4 will receive 50% off tuition.
Boarding Students: A tiered discount system applies to boarding family discounts.  First (1) boarder in the family pays 100% of their boarding and tuition fees. Second (2) boarder in the family receives a 15% discount on their boarding and tuition fees.  Third (3) boarder in family will receive a 30% discount on their boarding and tuition fees.  Fourth boarder and any additional (4+) will receive a 40% discount on their boarding and tuition fees.  This concession will apply regardless of whether boarder one (1), two (2), three (3) and/or four (4+) in the family is a current or past boarding student of the College. 


The Annual School Fee Statement issued in January each year outlines the annual charges: Tuition; IT Infrastructure Levy; Laptop Warranty (where applicable); Maintenance levy; Boarding Fees (where applicable) and for Year 12 the Old Boys Levy. Fee Statements are uploaded to the Parent Lounge which can be accessed via the College website. Log in to Parent Lounge via My Marash and select Accounts & Payment tab > School Fees account > Statements.

Payment Options

The College has two payment options only:

Payment in Full

  1. Families wishing to pay the annual account in full will receive the 2.0% discount on the Tuition Fee only. Please refer to your statement to ascertain your upfront discount and forward payment via BPAY details at the top of the fee statement. Payment is to be received by the College in ONE PAYMENT by the end of February in the applicable year.

Direct Debit

  1. Weekly payments from a Bank Account or Credit/Debit card*. Payments are divided over 40 weekly instalments from February to November or
  2. Fortnightly payments from a Bank Account or Credit/Debit card*. Payments are divided over 20 fortnightly instalments from February to November or
  3. Monthly payments from a Bank Account or Credit/Debit card*. Payments are divided over 10 monthly instalments from February to November or
  4. Quarterly payments from a Bank Account or Credit/Debit card*. Payments are divided by 4 instalments from the start of each term. 

Direct Debit authorities are established in Parent Lounge and need to be re-entered each year.  Merchant fees apply to transactions to Credit/Debit cards.

It is the responsibility of the Parents / Guardians who sign the Enrolment Contract and Acceptance of Enrolment to ensure funds are available in their account when the payments are processed to prevent the transactions being declined. If difficulties arise, contact should be made with the Finance Office by telephoning +61 7 3858 4504 or email fees@marash.qld.edu.au