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Who can enrol at Marist College Ashgrove?

The Headmaster of Marist College Ashgrove determines enrolments at the College. As a guide, the enrolment criteria includes:

  • Catholic students from Catholic schools.
  • Non-Catholic students from Catholic schools, or Catholic students from non-Catholic schools.
  • Favourable consideration is given to siblings of enrolled students, sons of Old Boys or those with a College connection.

My son is not Catholic, can we still apply?

Whilst preference is given to baptised Catholics, non-Catholic applicants are welcome to apply. All offers of enrolment are made at the discretion of the Headmaster.

How many students are accepted into the intakes for Years 5 and 7?

  • Year 5: 135
  • Year 7: 105

Do you have a sibling policy?

Yes, preference is given to brothers of both current and past students, provided the application is received by the due date.

What is the College’s catchment area?

The College does not have a catchment area and accepts applications from students at all schools.

Does the College have feeder schools?

The College does not have feeder schools and accepts applications from students at all schools.

Does the College provide a private bus service?

At this stage, the College does not operate a private bus service. The College is currently serviced by Brisbane City Council (Translink) buses. However, the College is currently investigating the implementation of a private bus service.

Does the College have a ‘sister school’?

The College does not have a “sister school” but has connections with several Brisbane Catholic girls’ schools.

Do you have After School Care?

The College does not provide After School Care at this time.