Bursaries are means-tested awards which are given to help support families who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford some, or all of the school fees.

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Please ensure that you enter in your correct email address in the Parent / Guardian / Other (1)  in order to receive an email confirmation for your application.

Application for entry into Year 10

All components of the application form must be completed. Preference will be given to those applicants who would greatly benefit from a Marist College Ashgrove education, but who, without some financial assistance,would be unable to attend.

Personal Details
Parent / guardian / other (1)
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The student should:

1.  The bursary will be confirmed through a successful interview with the Headmaster.

2.  Demonstrate achievement in academics and a continued effort and sustained commitment to improving academic performance.

3.  The College will monitor, record and assess the progress of the student. If a student does not maintain academic performance, Marist College Ashgrove will advise the student and parent(s)\legal guardian(s) in writing of its intention to withdraw the bursary support.

4.  Regular attendance and punctuality at the College and all classes is required. All absences from the College should be accompanied by a medical certificate, an explanatory communication from the student’s parent(s)\legal guardian(s) or evidence that leave has been approved by the College.

5.  Demonstrate a willingness to participate in and contribute to school life.

6.  Show support to the leadership role that is implicit for all bursary holders. This includes being a positive role model for younger students, displaying leadership by encouraging and supporting other boys and fostering team and College spirit. This also requires the student and parent(s)\legal guardian(s) to demonstrate overt support for the values of the College both at school and outside school.

7.  Be committed to the College’s ethos.

8.  Parent(s)\legal guardian(s) of bursary recipients are expected to provide support to College activities by volunteering to assist in events and activities when possible.

9.  The bursary covers half tuition and half compulsory fees for Years 10 to 12. The remaining half tuition, compulsory and miscellaneous fees are the responsibility of the Parent(s)\legal guardian(s). Parent(s)\legal guardian(s) are required to fulfil their commitments to the College building fund and maintain a regular Foundation pledge.

10. If a student withdraws prior to the completion of Year 12, you will be charged the entire cost of the tuition and compulsory fees.


1. Have you completed Sections 1 to 7 of the Application for Academic Bursary form?

2. Have you attached a current photograph of the applicant?

3. Have you attached a copy of the last two (2) Academic Reports?

4. Have you attached your most recent NAPLAN results

5. Have you attached any additional supporting documentation (i.e. certificates of appreciation/participation, awards)?

6. Has the Declaration section been completed?

For all enrolment enquiries contact

The Registrar - Marist College Ashgrove
PO Box 82
Ashgrove West QLD 4060 AUSTRALIA

E– This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
T – 617 38584507