The Marist Experience Extends Beyond the Classroom Walls

Marist College Ashgrove is known for building young men of character and excellence. The education we provide develops boys in all areas of life – spiritually, relationally, emotionally and academically.

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An Oasis in the Heart of Brisbane

Our campus combines inner city convenience with large areas of bushland and sweeping lawns. Our classrooms are thoughtfully designed and filled with everything to inspire and encourage growing minds.

Achieving His Personal Best

Every student is capable of achieving greatness in their own way. The beauty of greatness in each instance looks as different as each young man looks from the next. We craft an environment that inspires excellence in all areas so every student has the freedom to discover and realise their true potential.

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“VIRILITER AGE” – Act Courageously

It takes courage to pursue excellence. Our staff specialise in boys’ education and are particularly attuned to the way they think and learn. They learn what motivates each student and pushes them to take courage and achieve more than what they believe to be possible—whether it be spiritual, academic, cultural or sporting excellence.

We ensure every student is surrounded by an environment where they can excel, with tailored learning support, gifted and talented pathways, and English as an additional language learning enrichment programs.

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A Place He Belongs

At Marist, every student has a place where they belong. We place students into one of our eight pastoral houses where they are known, supported, and build relationships with boys of all ages. It’s here students experience the fullness of true mateship that often lasts well beyond graduation.

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