Enrolling at Marist College Ashgrove

Marist College Ashgrove has long been renowned for providing a first-rate Catholic secondary education for boys according to the tradition of Saint Marcellin Champagnat and the Marist Brothers.

A number of flexible enrolment options for day and boarding students allows families to:

Day Students

Day students arrive by 8:15am each day and leave at either 3:10pm or approximately 5:00pm after sports training. After daily classes day students take part in sports training or other co-curricular activities.

Weekly Boarding

Weekly boarding students leave Marist College Ashgrove to the care of their parents on Friday afternoon or after they have completed their full sporting commitment on Saturday. They return to the College on Sunday evening.

In many ways, weekly boarding gives boys the best of both worlds. During the week they live at the College, where they benefit from structured study and access to first-class facilities and resources. On weekends, weekly boarders go home and enjoy quality time with their families.

Many families find weekly boarding is a flexible enrolment option that offers a perfect balance of study, recreation and home.

Full Boarding

Marist College Ashgrove provides boarders with specially designed facilities to make their time at the College comfortable, enjoyable and productive.

The Borders are housed in purpose-built residential blocks. All boarders have their own individual study/bed space that contains a lockable cupboard for each student.

Applications for enrolments for boarding, weekly boarding and day students are accepted from parents/guardians in Australia and from overseas who agree to uphold the aims of the College and who complete the required documentation.

Applications are welcomed from both Catholic families and families which may not be Catholic but which identify with and support the aims of education within a Catholic school.

In making enrolment decisions, the College will take into account those cases where the applicant is the sibling of a student already enrolled, or the son of an Old Boy of the College. Applicants previously enrolled at another Marist school will also be favourably considered.

Marist College Ashgrove is proud of its strong affinity with rural Qld & NSW, and country applications, particularly those from families in isolated situations, are positively encouraged.

For information on enrolling an overseas student at the College, go to the overseas student section of this website.

For all enrolment inquiries contact

The Registrar – Marist College Ashgrove
PO Box 82
Ashgrove West QLD 4060

Email – enrol@marash.qld.edu.au
Telephone – 617 38584507