This policy covers all those seeking enrolment at Marist College Ashgrove. The College is owned and conducted by the Marist Brothers to provide a Catholic education for boys and young men. The College is founded on the traditions of Marist education and is committed to the vision and ethos of St Marcellin Champagnat, founder of the Marist Brothers. The governing body of the College is the Provincial and Council of the Marist Brothers.

This policy provides processes, guidelines and documentation to support the enrolment processes at Marist College Ashgrove.


The purpose of this document is to assist the College to: provide and implement a step-by-step application and enrolment process which provides a transparent and consistent reference point to both those seeking enrolment and those responsible for enrolment at the school and facilitate consistency of approach and process.

1. Guiding Principles
In line with Gospel values, Church teachings and the Marist ethos, this Enrolment Policy is developed to reflect the following principles:

A deep concern for the education of the minds and hearts of the young. The provision of faith and values education and Christian formation to impart and promote respect for all peoples. The provision of access which reflects the needs and diversity of the community. An acknowledgement that parents/guardians are significant partners with the College both in the enrolment process and the on-going life of students at the College. A desire for the provision of excellence in education and effectiveness in evangelization.

2. Obligations

State / Commonwealth Legislation
The Education (Accreditation of Non-Government School) Act 2001 and Regulations 2001 The Privacy Amendment Act (2000) The Anti-Discrimination Act (1991) Queensland and as amended. Disability Discrimination Act 1992 Commonwealth

Marist Ethos
The educational philosophy of the Marist Brothers is contained within the text In the Footsteps of Marcellin Champagnat. Rome 1998. [Copy available on request].

3. Enrolment Process Principles

The Enrolment process is designed to: be fair and based on selection criteria informed by Catholic tradition and the Marist ethos; ensure a just and equitable use of resources for the best interests of its current and future community always conscious of the wider community in which it is situated; meet funding and legislative requirements; develop a school community whose student population reflects the diversity of the social, financial circumstances and academic abilities of the wider community.

4. Definitions

In this policy, the following terms are defined as: Catholic Tradition refers to the richness of Catholic ritual, teachings and wisdom which forms the basis of a Catholic school.

Marist Ethos refers to Catholic education enlivened and enriched by the charism and ethos handed down by the founder of the Marist Brothers, St Marcellin Champagnat.

Parents/Guardians refers to the persons charged with the legal responsibility for the long term interests of the student until the student is 18 years of age.

Expression of Interest Form refers to the enquiry made by parents/guardians expressing an interest in enrolling their student at some time in the future. An administration fee accompanies the Expression of Interest Form. An Expression of Interest Form is not a guarantee of enrolment.

Student Information Form refers to the lengthy form to be completed close to the time the parents/guardians seek to have their student commence at the College. It provides the basis of the interview process which may lead to an offer being made to the parents/guardian of the applicant. It does not guarantee an offer.

Interview refers to all applicants for places who will be interviewed with the parents/guardians.

Offer refers to an offer of a place which may or may not be made to the parents/guardians at a time after the interview, but which is dependent on the conditions expressed in the Enrolment Contract being accepted and is at the discretion of the Headmaster.

Enrolment Process refers to the four steps that are usually taken to enrol a student at the College. The four steps are:

  • Expression of Interest Form
  • Student Information Form
  • Interview Stage (which may or may not lead to an offer).
  • Letter of Offer and Enrolment Contract stage

5. Selection Criteria
Marist College Ashgrove welcomes applications from prospective students whose families are supportive of the aims, objectives and methods of the College and whose spiritual, educational, and vocational aspirations the College's existing programmes are reasonably able to meet.

a) Consideration is given primarily to baptized Catholic students attending Catholic Schools, and to baptized Catholics in non Catholic Schools. Active participation in the life of the Catholic Church will be given favourable consideration. The College will also give consideration to students from other faith traditions who, with their families, support Catholic education and the Marist ethos.

b) Special consideration is given to those who wish to board at the College, in particular from rural and remote areas.

c) Applicants who have members of their immediate families as present or past students of the College, or are in active affiliation with the Marist Brothers will be favourably considered.

d) The College's student population seeks to reflect the diversity in the social, financial circumstances and academic abilities of the wider community it seeks to serve.

e) All offers are made at the discretion of the Headmaster. The Headmaster will need to be satisfied, on the basis of advice, collected information and the Headmaster's own judgement, that there is a reasonable expectation that an applicant is emotionally, psychologically, socially and academically ready to benefit from the educational programmes and structures of the College.

f) Enrolment is always dependent on there being available places.

g) A student who has previously concluded his enrolment at the College because of dissatisfaction on the part of the student, parents/guardians or the College, would not normally be considered for re-enrolment.

h) A family with unresolved financial matters with another Catholic school or institution would not normally be considered until those matters have been resolved to the satisfaction of the school or institution.

i) Students are normally only accepted as day students if they reside with and are in the direct care of a parent or legally recognised guardian.

j) Overseas students who are not Australian citizens will only be accepted once all Australian government requirements have been satisfied.

6. Procedures

(a)  The governing body of the College, The Provincial and Council of the Marist Brothers is responsible for ensuring that this policy is developed, complied with and reviewed as appropriate; and for approving the College School Fee structure annually.

(b) The Headmaster has delegated responsibility for ensuring that the annual intake of new students reflects the desired diversity of the College student population and reflects the diversity of the College community; ensuring the enrolment process is documented and published to the College community; ensuring all persons involved in the enrolment process are trained to be conversant with the Enrolment Policy and documentation; and making all offers of places.

7. Implementation of Enrolment Process

The College will acknowledge all enquiries in the most appropriate and timely manner according to its documented procedure. Waiting Lists will be formed where necessary.

8. The Enrolment Process

  • Step One – Expression of Interest Form
    The Expression of Interest Form can be completed from birth or at any stage after that time, however within an appropriate time frame prior to an interview process. A Prospectus accompanies this form. The Expression of Interest Form requires student information, College connection and family information. It also requires an accompanying Administration Fee to cover processing, stationery and Prospectus costs. The form is returned to the College Registrar, the Administration Fee is receipted, an acknowledgement letter is sent and student information is entered on the College's database.

  • Step Two – Student Information Form
    All those who have completed an Expression of Interest Form are contacted by the College Registrar prior to the interview process. The Student Information Form accompanies a letter regarding the enrolment process and includes the Enrolment Collection Notice, Enrolment Contract, current Fee Schedule and Faith Commitment forms. On completion of the Student Information and Faith Commitment Forms these are returned to the College Registrar where they are checked for completed information. Where documentation is missing, families are contacted to provide the appropriate data. Once documentation is complete the Registrar arranges an interview with the Headmaster or his proxy. The Student Information Form and any other necessary documentation is required to be returned by a specific date and the enrolment and interview process cannot proceed unless the Student Information Form is completed by that date. Where additional information or reports are required, the enrolment application process may take an extended time.
  • Step Three – Interview
    For annual intake of students interviews are held up to a three month period as arranged by the College Registrar with the family and the applicant. It is the College's responsibility that parents/guardians be made aware of full and frank disclosure requirements when completing a Student Information Form. This includes advising parents/guardians that failing to provide relevant details and assessments may result in the cancellation of an enrolment interview. Parents/guardians will be required to discuss their financial capacity to pay fees and the options open to them to do so in fee and voluntary contribution payments.
  • Step Four – Notification of Outcome of Interview
    The Headmaster informs the applicant and his family of an offer of enrolment in writing. The parents/guardians and applicant sign the Enrolment Contract and Acceptance of Enrolment and return these forms to the College Registrar. A signed Enrolment Contract is retained by the College and one copy is retained by the parents/guardians. Included with the Enrolment Contract and Acceptance of Enrolment  to be returned to the College is the non-refundable Acceptance Fee which confirms the offer and contract of enrolment. For those families who are offered a place, information on the College Foundation Pledge will be included with their Letter of Offer.

The College will acknowledge enquiries in the most appropriate and timely manner according to its documented procedures.

9. College Policies
Students and parents/guardians are required to abide by and support College policies as outlined in the Enrolment Contract.

10. Review
This Policy will be reviewed at least every three years, or as necessary. Any comments on the Policy should be directed to the Headmaster or to the Executive Director, Marist Ministries Office, PO Box 138, Drummoyne, NSW 1470, Australia.