What we aim to do

We aim to provide students, families and staff with the guidance and support they need to lead healthy, fulfilling, productive and responsible lives. We strive to meet the educational, social, emotional and personal needs of our students. We offer an environment of understanding, support, encouragement and challenge as we assist students to achieve their educational, personal and vocational goals. Our services are available to all members of the College community, to students “at risk” and students with special needs.

The College Counsellors liaise closely with the Head of Students, Pastoral Leaders, Head of Boarding, Boarding Supervisors and teachers in the overall pastoral care of students and families.

The College Counsellors also work closely with the staff of the Centre of Learning Enrichment in the administration of psycho-educational assessment to assist in identifying learning strengths and weaknesses.

Services we offer

Individual counselling about academic, social, emotional, behavioural, family and personal issues.  Support of Boarders, educational and behavioural assessment, parent and teacher consultation regarding student needs and classroom observation when necessary.