The Staff

Quality teachers are the single most important resource in providing our students with the best possible education.

There are about 155 full-time teachers plus numerous part-time teachers, temporary members of staff, sports coaches and visiting music-teachers at the College.

The academic staff are supported by a very large number of School Officers who prepare laboratories, look after libraries, distribute documents, build sets in and maintain theatres, look after gardens and grounds, maintain and repair our buildings, ensure a safe and secure environment, clean rooms, cook meals, launder uniforms, and so forth.

The school’s financial and other administration involves a further large cohort of people who busy themselves with things most boys never think about.

There are approximately 300 staff variously employed in the extremely complex and life of this very large school.

 College Leadership Team   Curriculum Leaders
 Headmaster – Mr Peter McLoughlin  Religious Education – Mr Paul Mitchell
 Deputy Headmaster – Mr Bruce McPhee  English – Mr Steve Littleton
 Head of Teaching & Learning – Mrs Angela Simpson  Mathematics – Mrs Jacqui Klowss
 Head of Data and Pedagogical Practice – Mrs Roxanne Rosenberg  Science – Mr Andrew Fogarty
 Head of Students – Mr Peter Serone  Humanities – Mr David O’Brien
 Head of Boarding – Mr James Couper  Health & Physical Education – Mr Tim Sedgwick
 Head of Mission – Mr Luke McMahon  Business – Mrs Judith Jones
 Head of Staff Services – Mrs Julie Ward  Languages – Mrs Lucia Del Vecchio
 College Business Manager – Mr Stephen Porter  Art – Mrs Christine Larsen
   Drama – Mrs Rebecca Taylor
   Film & Television – Mrs Sandra Rout
   Music – Mr Andrew Butt
   Technology – Mr Craig Robinson
   Industrial Technology & Design – Mr Andrew Devoy
   Digital Learning & Information Services – Mrs Mary Stirling
   Learning Enrichment – Mrs Berny Byrne