Volleyball - Senior

Football at Marist College Ashgrove has established itself as a popular sport in the autumn season.

The volleyball program is one of the fastest growing sports programs offered at Marist College Ashgrove. With many teams across each of the age groups, volleyball offers a great alternative for students who are not interested in swimming or cricket. The College has a proud and successful history in the AIC volleyball competition and is seen as an important part of the AIC sporting competition.

What are the benefits?

The school volleyball program offers a unique sporting opportunity to our students. Due to the nature of volleyball, every team member has the opportunity to contribute to the team’s success. Though competitive, humility is the focus of the volleyball program and while the boys are taught the necessary skills to play the game competitively, the development of respect, honour and friendship are also an important part of the Marist College Ashgrove volleyball program.

Who can participate?

All students from Years 7 to 12. There is a team suited to the ability of each boy and every student is encouraged to participate.

When is it held?

The volleyball competition is played each year from February to April against the other AIC schools. All teams train twice (2) per week with competition games being played on Saturday mornings.

Uniform requirements

All students who represent the College at volleyball are required a wear a volleyball shirt which is available to purchase (via QKR and collection at sports office) and the blue PE shorts. Good court shoes are also recommended – and knee pads are suggested but not compulsory.

Who are our coaches?

A team of dedicated coaches comprised of teaching staff and Old Boys facilitate the process of development under the guidance of the Head of Sports. For more information, please contact our Volleyball Coordinator: Adam Knight at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.