Year 7 is a key transition point for boys into the energetic environment of the Secondary School as they begin their journey from childhood to young adulthood and establish the foundations for their future studies.

To help in this transition, students are taught by a select group of teachers, exposing their growing minds to the complexities of a more demanding curriculum, whilst providing all the care and support required in a new and challenging environment.

In the later years of secondary education, students will consolidate the skills they have learnt previously, whilst selecting from a wide range of subjects that lead to university and career opportunities.

During this time, emphasis is placed on developing boys initiative, self-discipline and organisational skills, as well as providing sound guidance and spiritual support in their social and moral development.

The teachers at the College understand how boys learn and work towards supporting each student to achieve success in an ordered, supportive and collaborative environment.

Arts, Music, Sports, Debating, Public Speaking and a Religious and Ministry Program are also very much part of the Secondary School experience.

In the Secondary School students thoughts and dreams will take shape as they prepare to become a confident, successful and valued member of society.