Pastoral Care

Pastoral care in the Secondary School is facilitated through the House system. Each House being named after a prominent figure in the history of the College.

Pastoral care at MCA embraces more than the giving of well prepared, thought provoking and stimulating lessons. It means being concerned for the total well-being of students, and with the development of the whole person. The philosophies underpinning pastoral care, the active pursuit of programs and practices aimed at promoting and supporting well-being and school ethos, as well as the climate and atmosphere in which students and staff learn and work, are complementary.

Through explicit philosophies we hope to educate young men in the way of St Marcellin Champagnat so that they have the courage and confidence to develop traits similar to those modelled by Marcellin himself. Pastoral care is a strong feature of the College.

Pastoral care for students in Years 7 – 12 is provided through a vertical eight House System. This vertical approach sees the students of the College being well known, encouraged and well-advised by their Head of House and pastoral group teachers. Each House has its own way of encouraging active contribution to the College as well as co-operation amongst the students. This builds in the boys a growing sense of belonging and ownership.