Music - Primary

Our team of professional musicians and educators works tirelessly to inspire young musicians in the College.

The Primary School has a vibrant Music Department. Music is part and parcel of what our boys do. Our team of professional musicians and educators works tirelessly to inspire young musicians in the College. A rigorous class teaching program, choir membership, instrumental programs, and a wide range of visiting performers and performance opportunities promotes music in the life of each boy.

In Year 5 students are immersed into the music culture of the College from the very beginning of their school life at Marist. Every student has the opportunity to learn a band or string instrument and will participate in small group lessons with specialist teachers. Group lessons retain an interactive learning environment and are an efficient way of teaching instrumental music due to the technical similarities within instrument families, for example brass, woodwind, strings and percussion.

The curriculum is based on a weekly lesson in a small group and participation in a large group ensemble. Bands and String orchestras provide students the opportunity for musical and socially enriching experiences. A vibrant and practical approach to learning an instrument is key to the success of the Year 5 Instrumental Music Program.

In Year 6, students continue with their music studies that were introduced in Year 5. They also start to explore:

  • Instruments of the orchestra, listen to orchestral music and compose using concepts such as theme and variation
  • Discovering the world of Latin American music, exploring its characteristics and its close connection with dance. Students also compose in a Latin style
  • Music in Advertising - learn about the use of music in commercials and how it can impact the experience of the audience
  • Hip Hop & Rap - explore the genre of Hip-Hop music, discussing its progression through time from its musical roots through to today

The voice at Marist College Ashgrove is used as one of the key teaching tools in the Primary School. All boys are encouraged to sing, and to sing well. Through a varied concert schedule, all boys in the College are given opportunities to perform in choral groups several times a year.

Tuition is provided by a group of 15 dedicated and talented teachers, many of whom are distinguished performers in their own right. Part and full time members of the music staff give lessons each week on the following instruments:

  • Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon & Saxophone
  •  Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium & Tuba
  •  Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass
  •  Tuned & Untuned percussion
  • Guitar, Piano and Voice

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