As part of the Marist College Ashgrove’s ongoing commitment to student wellbeing, we have two fully registered Psychologists who provide social and emotional support to students and families.

The College Psychologists liaise closely with the Head of Students, Pastoral Leaders, Head of Boarding, Boarding Supervisors, Centre of Learning Enrichment and Teachers in the overall pastoral care of students and families.

The College Psychologists provide a variety of services including:

  • Individual counselling about personal, social, academic, emotional, behavioural and family issues. Common presenting concerns include anxiety, depression, grief and loss, changes in family structure, school stress and trauma.
  • Relationship and friendship challenges
  • Classroom observations
  • Support of Boarders
  • Consultation with key stakeholders (e.g. family, teachers, external treatment providers and medical professionals).
  • Writing and managing Personal Development programs

Making an Appointment

There are several ways to make a counselling appointment. Students or parents can email, or email an individual Counsellor. Parents can also phone us and students can come into the Wellbeing Centre to organise an appointment time. Heads of House, Boarding Coordinators and teachers in general often refer students. Boys may also refer one of the friends if they are concerned for their Wellbeing.   

Sessions with the College Psychologists remain confidential unless there is an immediate risk to students or if notes are subpoenaed by the court.