We aim to provide students, families and staff with up to date career information, guidance and support so that they can have the best opportunity to succeed in their chosen pathway/s. We offer an
environment of understanding, support, encouragement and challenge for students so that they can achieve their life, learning and work goals.

Careers Education is offered to all students but particularly students in Senior school so that they can set up applications for jobs, work or QTAC. It complements the ASK programme and looks to develop awareness of the requirements to transition from school to work. The Careers team liaise closely with the Curriculum Leaders, Head of Teaching and Learning, Head of Students, Pastoral Leaders, Head of
Boarding, Boarding Supervisors, counsellors and teachers in the overall career development of the student.


Services We Offer

Careers counselling and assessment, SET Planning, university and Scholarship application assistance, resume and job application support.

For more information please visit our Careers website:  www.mcacareers.com.au

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