Qkr!™ by MasterCard By MasterCard – COLLEGE PURCHASES – FREE DOWNLOAD
Qkr!™ by MasterCard is an easy-to-use app that allows you to order and pay for products from Qkr!™ enabled merchants direct from your iPhone or iPad.
Download QKR for Mastercard App from either the Apple or Android Store – if you encounter problems with the app – please try the website version by clicking on the Qkr image on the left.

2)      Find – Marist College Ashgrove (please use the exact words to find the school)

3)      Set up your details & your child’s details or alternatively set up your own details and under grade please select “Supporter”

4)      Choose “School Payments”

5)      Select your child/person that you are purchasing the product for

6)      Scroll down to find the relevant 75th Anniversary product and click to purchase

Please select the number of items you wish to purchase and add to your cart and then checkout & pay

Please note that you will need to present your QKR receipt to Main Reception at the School to collect your purchases.

7)      Go to the below website and use QKR on the internet if unable to access the App

If you do not already have a QKR account please click on “Sign Up” and set up your account

· Once you are logged in the website you will need to set up you & your child’s details or your details and select Supporter as the Grade level

· Enter the School Name as “Marist College Ashgrove” and then click on “Search”

Click on the name Marist College Ashgrove

To make a College purchase, you will need the payments menu and then select payments at the next menu.

Select the items you wish to purchase and add to your cart.