Class of 2020 Academic Results

Marist College Ashgrove congratulates the Class of 2020 on their outstanding academic results that were released today.

The Class of 2020 should be incredibly proud of themselves; they were the first cohort to graduate through the Senior Assessment Tertiary Entrance (SATE) system, the first full cohort of Prep, the first cohort that started High School in Year 7 and the first cohort to receive an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) rather than an OP in Queensland.

We are delighted with the results that the boys achieved; it is a testament to their hard work and commitment. The College would also like to thank all of the staff that have helped educate and inspire these young men throughout their Marist journey to achieve their best.

Data released by the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) today indicates the following results of those students from the Class of 2020.

  • Four students received an ATAR of 98.85 and above (equivalent to an OP1)
  • 12% received an ATAR of 95 and above (equivalent to an OP 1-3)
  • 25% received an ATAR of 91.25 and above (equivalent to an OP1-5)
  • 37% received an ATAR of 86.25 and above (equivalent to an OP1-7)
  • 58% received an ATAR of 77.85 and above (equivalent to an OP1-10)
  • 84% received an ATAR of 62.55 and above (equivalent to an OP1-15)

The College would also like to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of College Vice Captain and Dux Thomas Collier who received an ATAR of 99.7.

Along with this, we have had 25 students who received early entry to their University courses.

The Class of 2020 have responded to the challenges this year has thrown at them with determination, ingenuity, creativity, adaptableness, and conviction. They have been incredible Seniors, and their contributions and leadership have enriched the College.

We once again congratulate the Class of 2020 and wish them every success for the future. We are proud to call you all Marist Men.

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