A very strong emphasis is placed on establishing and maintaining study habits necessary for future academic success.

Boarders Benefit From:

  • Supervised study with actively engaged staff who monitor the boys’ work ethic
  • Internet connections at their personal desk for students in Years 7 to 12
  • The EduKate programme, an organisational calendar and subject
    organiser that allows direct teacher to student communication, and which
    is available to each boarder through log on passwords
  • Wireless internet facilities in the Senior Dorm which provide
    regular access to the College Resource Centre, Computer rooms, Art rooms
    and Music Centre through the computer lab located within the Year 12
  • A committed day school staff which is aware of the special needs of boarders and responds accordingly
  • Heads of House who monitor subject choice and academic performance
  • The College is moving to a one-to-one laptop program and the
    boarding community supports this with access to their dayschool accounts
    from their own desk, as well as IT support after hours for boarders
  • Each residence employs tutors throughout the term to work with individuals and groups during study
  • End of term reporting that informs parents and guardians of application to night study
  • Teacher willingness to be available to have telephone interviews with country parents
  • An excellent history of academic success in CST and QCS results as a strong foundation