La Valla residence caters for 28 Year 7 boarders. La Valla residence is named after the small French village in Southern France where St Marcellin Champagnat commenced his ministry as a priest. From Marcellin’s early pastoral work in La Valla grew the work of the Marist Brothers, represented in 80 countries world-wide.

La Valla residence is spread across a single level, located on the first floor, directly above the Year 7 Houseparents residence, Health Centre and Boarding Reception.

Like the early Brothers, for many boys, La Valla is the beginning of their Marist journey and, as such, has a strong sense of family, vibrancy and fun. The focus in La Valla is to provide a safe and supportive environment where boys can learn, develop resilience and build the foundations for lifelong friendships.

La Valla residence is coordinated by houseparents Mr & Mrs Ty and Sally Casey, who live onsite with their two young children. Ty and Sally are very hands on houseparents and do a wonderful job providing the La Valla boys with a true ‘home away from home’.

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