Marist College Ashgrove is located on a large property with sweeping lawns andundulating hills rich in native flora and fauna.  Located between the two main ovals in a distinct and central precinct, are the boarding houses. Year 11 and younger boarders enjoy panoramic views of either the city or the bushland of the Mt Taylor Range, located behind the College. Our senior boarders have the luxury of cricket and rugby ovals on their doorstep as they look down through abundant greenery on the Derek Cameron Oval complex.  There are three distinct houses that contain the five residences. Marist College Ashgrove currently caters for nearly 220 boarders with a capacity of 230.

Demand is strong so we encourage prospective families to contact the College. 

Tours of the boarding school are regularly conducted for prospective families.


Br Geoffrey House:

  • Hermitage Residence  – Year 10
  • Montagne Residence – Year 9
  • Lavalla Residence – Junior and Year 8

Terence House

Terrence House is the Senior Boarding residence at Marist College Ashgrove. This three level, purpose built complex houses 78 senior boarders. Its commanding position located above the beautiful Derek Cameron Oval gives it a relaxed feel of separation from the fast pace of College life beyond. Completed in 1995 it was named for Br Terence Heinrich fms who was Headmaster at Marist College Ashgrove between 1990 and 1996.

Br Terence is a deeply spiritual man with a hands on approach to his leadership. Terence House has a large open foyer and four distinct residential wings (on first and second levels) all with their own common rooms. The ground floor houses a large glassed in common room with kitchenette, storage rooms for luggage, a modern billiards/television lounge with pay television connected. This level also has its own laundry and drying room.

Senior boarders can access the two industrial washing machines and ironing facilities. The first level enters directly from the roadway that passes through the boarding precinct. This level houses staff accommodation, guest toilets, a duty office. Before passing into the student accommodation, visitors are struck by the imposing glass wall and cross towering over the dual staircase that leads to the second floor. This second level houses staff accommodation as well as a computer laboratory.
Fourviere Residence

Fourvière Residence is spread over three floors and houses the Year 11 boarders. It is modern, light and airy it provides our ‘sub senior’ boys with a degree of privacy to relax and study.

Fourvière commemorates the common origin of the Marist Project. From the earliest antiquity, the hill of Fourvière- the praying hill – is the centre of the spiritual and cultural life in Lyon, France. On 23 July, 1816 the twelve Marist aspirants, priests and seminarians, St Marcellin Champagnat among them, climbed the hill to the shrine of Our Lady of Fourvière. They placed their promise to found the Society of Mary under the corporal on the altar. This is our Marist beginning and hence the name of Fourvière is very appropriate.

The bed areas in Fourvière Residence (located on the second and third floors) are well designed, sturdy and functional. Each boy has a large under bed storage area coupled with a towering lockable cupboard with inside mirrors. The desk area has study lighting and internet connection portals. Reading lights are built into the module and allow for in bed reading at the close of a busy day.

The Year 11 boarders also enjoy a large common room. Each of these recreation rooms has a modern, functional kitchenette attached. On the lower floor is the entry point, conveniently located across a paved courtyard from the dining room.

Br Geoffrey House 

Brother Geoffrey House contains three residences for Years 10 to 8 as well as our junior boarders. Much of the structure mirrors the design of Fourvière Residence with the difference being that each year level is housed on a separate floor.

Hermitage Residence

Hermitage Residence houses our Year 10 boarders and was named for The Hermitage, the spiritual home of the Marist Order and built by Saint Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers as a training house for the first brothers in France. The residence is light and functional with each boy enjoying the privacy of cubicles that house both bed and study areas. Like all the other student accommodation in the College everybed areas in the college every boy has access to an at desk computer/internet portal. The Year 10 duty office is located adjacent to the residence doors. The Year 10 common room is large and easily accessible from the ground floor it also has the practicality of a well appointed kitchen.

Montagne Residence

Montagne Residence is the home of the Year 9 boarders. It was named for the inspiring story that centres on Marcellin Champagnat as a young priest on his pastoral rounds. He finds a dying 15 year old boy, Jean-Baptiste Montagne, who had never learned the most basic elements of the Christian faith and and before he dies, Marcellin instructs him in the way of all things to Christ through Mary.

Boys in this residence have the same facilities on offer as the older boys in Hermitage residence. They also enjoy the use of a large ground floor common room with full kitchen attached.

Lavalla Residence

Lavalla Residence is special as it is the first boarding experience many of our long term boarders share. Here you will find the energy and enthusiasm of our Year 8 and Junior boarders on display. Named for the small French village in Southern France where Marcellin Champagnat commenced his ministry as a priest and from his pastoral work here grew the world wide organization that is now the Marist Brothers. A great deal of effort went into the planning of this unique residence.

Unlike the Hermitage and Montange Residences, the set up is different with smaller dividing cubicle walls that allow the boys a sense of unity and connection whilst still giving them a distinct area to call their own. Each bed area has its own desk with desk lamp and computer access. The Year 8 and Junior boarders have a large recreational area. Lavalla Residence is supplemented by a small kitchen area easily accessible from the landing on the first floor.

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