In an unprecedented move, Marist College Ashgrove has introduced a new boarding fee structure.

We recognise that boarding families can face financial strain in sending their children to boarding school, that is why we have introduced this. We hope that by making this change, a quality and
holistic education is more affordable and accessible to families.”

The new boarding fee structure consists of two parts:

Option 1

If a family has more than one son who is currently boarding at Marist College Ashgrove or who has been a past boarder at the College they are entitled to a discount on their boarding and tuition fees.

  • 1 child boarding at Marist College Ashgrove – 100% boarding and tuition fees
  • 2 children boarding at Marist College Ashgrove – 25% discount on the 2nd students boarding and tuition fees
  • 3 or more children boarding at Marist College Ashgrove – 50% discount on the 3rd students boarding and tuition fees

Option 2

If a Boarder with no brothers, but has a sister/s currently at boarding school (any boarding school in Australia), the family willreceive a 20% discount on boarding and tuition fees at Marist College
Ashgrove only whilst the sister is at boarding school.

Since 1940, the education of boys from rural areas has been at the core of Marist College Ashgrove. Today, despite more than 78 years of change, boarding families remain vital to the Marist College Ashgrove spirit. When times are tough, boarding families band together. Whilemsome areas are doing well, other parts are experiencing an economic downturn. As a College, we have made a decision to offer this discountnon tuition and boarding fees to our boarding families.

This new boarding fee structure will be effective from the 1 Januaryn 2018 and is available to current and new boarders at Marist College Ashgrove.

For further information please contact our Enrolments Department

Enrolments Department – Marist College Ashgrove
PO Box 82
Ashgrove West QLD 4060 AUSTRALIA

E –
T – +61 7 38584507

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