We strive to ensure that boarding at Marist is a safe, rewarding and socially satisfying experience where boys from a diverse range of backgrounds learn to live, play, work and pray together. Having such a
large boarding population resident the entire week and weekends makes it possible to offer a wider range of academic, sporting and recreational opportunities.

What separates Marist from other boarding schools is the level of care and commitment to each individual. Communication between the boarding school and the family is paramount. Parents are ensured of weekly emails and constant contact on their son’s progress. Marist is unique in that
most of its 210 boarders are resident 7 days a week during term time. The consistency, camaraderie and care provided by this model is something country people have told us they want for their sons.

The overwhelming spirit and tone of our residences is one of harmony and happiness. The opportunity to live, work and play with boarders from all over Australia, the South Pacific and beyond makes boarding a special experience. The genuine friendships forged as boarders continue well beyond graduation.

We recognise parents as the primary caregivers and at all times parents and families are welcome to spend time with their sons. Boarders can enjoy weekend leave with families approved by their parents. Sunday visiting allows boys to spend quality time with family and friends who may be located in the Brisbane area. Boarders’ visiting is closely monitored and we endeavour always to carry out the wishes of parents in regard their son’s whereabouts. Leave for a special occasion is granted through the duty office of each Head of Residence. Provision also exists for the older boarders to have time in the city or to make use of local shopping precincts. The younger boys have such city visits incorporated
in their recreation program and are fully supervised.

Weekly Boarding

Weekly boarding offers the convenience of Monday to Friday boarding, with the benefits of family time at home on the weekend.  Weekly boarders learn independence and life skills and benefit from the
additional academic focus a boarding environment offers. They have access to academic resources and teachers outside of normal school hours and structured study times to support academic growth.

A major advantage of the weekly boarding experience is the fact that the learning never stops. Your son is immersed in an educational environment, 24 hours a day, five days a week, and even when they’re outside the classroom, they’re still learning important life skills that they wouldn’t learn through sitting at home in the evenings. Study time is extremely important, so you can be confident that your son will get it done in a distraction-free environment – in designated time slots, so your son has no choice but to do it.

For more information on weekly boarding please contact the Enrolments Department on Ph: 07 3858 4507 or enrol@marash.qld.edu.au.

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