Our College Master Plan:

Marist College Ashgrove has held the tradition of nurturing and educating young men for over 80 years. Underpinned by the teachings of our founder St Marcelin Champagnat, Marist College Ashgrove is committed to providing education to boys that is highly regarded and respected.

Following 12 months of planning, consultation and hard work from many members of our community, Marist College Ashgrove is proud to share the vision of our 2030 Master Plan.

Set to enhance the delivery of teaching and learning to all students, across all years of the College the Marist College Ashgrove 2030 Master Plan will consolidate the identity of the entire campus through a considered approach to its built form, public spaces and facilities. 

Image: 2030 Master Plan

The 2030 Master Plan identifies a number of precincts operating across the Campus that, with careful development will allow for the for the co-ordinated addition and integration of new Buildings and Refurbishment /Adaptation of existing buildings and spaces.

Current activity:

Ministerial Infrastructure Designation Application

A Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID) provides a planning
approval pathway to a development approval under the Planning Act 2016.
MIDs are a development application process which are assessed through
the State government and decided by the Planning Minister. The MID
approves a master plan proposal / development envelope and conditions
that allows future works to occur. As part of the process applicants
must undertake early engagement with key stakeholders to gather and
respond to feedback received before the Planning Minister will endorse the ability to lodge a MID application with the State.

The MID application and associated technical reports are currently being prepared in anticipation for an August lodgment. Early engagement is also being undertaken with the community and key stakeholders, government agencies, elected representatives and local indigenous groups. You will have an opportunity after the application has been lodged to make a formal submission to the Planning Minister as part of a 20- business day public consultation period. The assessment is likely be completed by the Minister by the end of 2021.

Image: 2030 Tower Walk Concept