Marist College Ashgrove was officially founded by the Marist Brothers as a day and boarding College on the 17 March 1940. As a Catholic school, owned and conducted by the Marist Brothers, the College
is maintained through the efforts of the Catholic community whose sons it serves. Preference in terms of enrolment is given to young men from Catholic families who retain their contact with and support of the Catholic community in their local parish.

The College comprises 1688 students from Years 5 to 12, 170 of whom are boarders. There are currently 1417 secondary students and 271 primary students enrolled. The College motto, “Viriliter Age – Act Courageously”, challenges each person to envision a more just and compassionate world. The College provides wide-ranging programs encompassing academic achievement, the visual and performing arts, sporting success and service projects.

The ethos and mission of the College are significantly influenced by the charism of the founder of the Marist Brothers, Saint Marcellin Champagnat. From their beginnings in rural France in 1817, Marist
schools reflect many of the qualities of Marcellin himself: they are places where hard work and excellent achievement are valued, places where the individual is genuinely loved and prized, where a strong family spirit is evident, places characterised by a lack of pretence, places of simplicity and calm determination. The schools are places that have the Gospel at their heart, encouraging students to respond to it with the same faith and generosity that Mary did.

Marist College Ashgrove stands proudly as a Marist school living in the footsteps of Saint Marcellin Champagnat.