Senior Library

The Senior Library provides support for students and teachers in all areas of the curriculum. At Marist College Ashgrove, both academic and library staff seek to empower students to become more successful independent learners.

Senior Library facilities include: an extensive up-to-date print collection, online databases and e-journals, seminar rooms, dedicated senior study, large LCD screen television, comfortable reading areas and four class teaching spaces, all within a flexible learning environment.

Opening hours for the Senior Library are from 7.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 4:00pm on Friday. It is also open at both breaks providing students with access to individual seminar rooms, group study areas, a place to relax and read books, newspapers and magazines. Students also have access to specialised library staff for support with all their digital and information literacy needs. The Senior Library provide 24/7 access to information services and online support through the Brother Mark Farrelly webpage.

The library webpage provides: targeted assignment help, access to online databases, referencing and copyright assistance and the Digilearn information page includes tutorials and fact sheets to assist with the student’s digital literacy requirements.

To access the Br Mark Farrelly website, please login via MY MARASH.

Ignatius Library

The Junior Library provides support for Year 5-6 students and teachers in all areas of the curriculum and it is open from 7.30am – 3.30pm each day. The Junior Library is also open during the first break providing students with a place they can relax and read or play chess, access information, use the computers and complete schoolwork. Junior Library supports the College commitment to literacy and places an emphasis on reading as a worthwhile leisure activity. Students are encouraged to spend time in the library perusing, discussing and reading books.

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