Marcellin Champagnat’s educational vision for young people is to become Good Christians and Good citizens. The College’s MATES (Marists Are Taking Everyone Seriously) program supports Marcellin’s vision by providing opportunities to build Men of Courage (Viriliter Age) who are respectful, self-aware, confident, engaged, reflective, compassionate and resilient who reflect The Three Violets of simplicity, modesty and humility. Students are recognised for their involvement in the College’s MATES program.

Students involved in MATES are recognised for their ministry service through the MATES reward system of badges and certificates presented at College Assemblies:

  • PLATINUM MEDALLION – and certificate recognising extraordinary efforts at the discretion of the Headmaster
  • PLATINUM (150 hours)
  • GOLD MARIST (100 hours)
  • GOLD PLUS (80 hours)
  • GOLD (60 hours)
  • SILVER (40 hours)
  • BRONZE (20 hours)


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