The College has been in discussions with Brisbane City Council to improve general traffic conditions around and within the College to improve the safety conditions for all users. These discussions have resulted in the following changes:

Within the College

The College bus zone has been line marked & signaged to comply with Council standards. Due to this change, you are no longer able to drop off students in this area during the times designated by signs (7:00am – 9:00am & 2:30pm – 4:30pm). Students can be drop off between the Moola Road entry and the roundabout or on Moola & Frasers Roads. There is no stopping on the roundabout to drop off students.

Outside College

Student drop offs / pick-ups are to no longer occur along Glenlyon Drive on the Flats side of the road between Grevillea Road and Acacia Drive. This area has become highly congested during drop off and pick up times.
Drops offs can still occur on the western side of Glenlyon Drive but you are not able to pick up here in the afternoon. U-turns are not allowed at the Glenlyon Drive entrance to the College.
Student drop offs / pick-ups can occur along Grevillea Road in the designated areas, as shown in the attached map.  There is no student drop off / pick up in the pool carpark. These areas will be regularly monitored by College staff and Local Council Officers. Normal road rules apply.



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